Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quilt time!

I'm quilting my second quilt. Actually, I have all the pieces for the first quilt, I just haven't quilted them all together yet. This second quilt is for DS #3. He picked out the colors and is very excited to have it on his bed. He asks me almost daily if it is finished yet. So I HAVE to get this done.

The photo below is the "all laid out" backing, batting, and quilt top. This is using the Fab Five Abbey Lane pattern. I took the liberty of adding more circles, an extra row of diagonal cut fabrics, and a 4" border so it would fit my son's twin bed. I took the quilt class at my local quilt shop last month and learned so much. If you think you want to learn to do something, you've got to just jump in and do it...that's how you learn!
Gotta love that 505 Spray and Fix by J.T. Trading Corp! It eliminates or reduces the need to pin the layers so you can just take it to the machine and quilt. I did have to re-spray a few times because I got a couple of wrinkles, but I figure it's gonna happen with the learning of it all. I LOVE 505!!

I'm so glad I purchased a walking foot!! Man, you sure couldn't quilt without it. It has a larger sole plate (actually the one I got has three sole plates with it!) and helps out with stitching thick hunks of batting and fabric...just what a quilt is. In this photo below I am "stitching in the ditch" with the walking foot and the help of a guide. No, I can't sew a straight line and need a guide!
When it's all done, I'll show photos! The back looks really cool...

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