Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stitching frenzy!

Yes, friends, I went to the two day "Machine Retreat" at the quilt store this week to learn about my machine. What a blast! Melody and Cheryl each taught a day as we learned about the machine and created a tote bag with various stitches. I met some wonderful women and learned a bunch. I can't show you what we made as it is a "Melody Original" and only for this class at this store. But I will show you a pix of one thing we did.

I was so psyched...A presser foot with an adjustable guide! For this stitch we used a honeycomb stitch with the width at zero and length at 4. What it produces is a triple stitch that looks like hand embroidery. On this piece we also stitched in the opposite direction so it became a diamond pattern. I love diamond motifs!

Let me tell you why a presser foot with an adjustable guide is such a thrill. I used to make some of my clothes when I was in high school...many moons ago. I don't EVER remember changing presser feet. Seriously! I'm in a new world actually learning how to sew! (insert goofy-eyed emoticon)

I am in love with sewing and fabric. I bought some new threads...of course I gotta get the good stuff if I'm using a Bernina...Mettler cotton. Doesn't this look like a bowl of candies? Such yummy colors!!

I wanted to chat a bit about asking questions. I had a student commenting in an online class, "Fabric: What, How, and WOW!" that I'm teaching at My Creative Classroom. She was complimenting the quality and amount of info I had presented in the first lesson. She said it answered so many of the questions she had but was afraid/embarassed to ask.

Please don't ever be afraid to ask questions...from anyone, anywhere. It is the only way you will learn anything. The gals at your quilt/fabric stores have a plethora of knowledge and is yours if you will only ask for it. I am always asking questions. I might even preface the questions by saying, "OK, I know nothing about this..."(especially at the computer store! I make them assume I know nothing and speak to me like a newbie!..."And then which button do I press?...)

But seriously, you can learn so much if you just ask questions!! Just do it!

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