Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My studio is done, my studio is done!

So can you tell a difference from this photo above and the ones I posted yesterday? Hopefully, you can! I decided to get the shelves yesterday and not glad I got it all done. Hubby helped me, of course, but we got the shelves all lined up with the ones I already had. I'm so thrilled. Yeah, I know it doesn't look like it should be in a magazine, but I have never had so few items on my work table! Come, let's go on a tour!

First, here are the new shelves. At the top are various things I made...some from classes I took, some from classes or kits I offered. I've got all my coloring tools together...stamps, inks, paints...well, I do have more paints in another drawer...I love paints! Yes, the ScrapRack is still here. I've got to decide on that. I want to put my Xyron Creatopia in its spot. (If you click on the Creatopia link you'll get to see my friend Beth in the video...she's a hoot!) The Creatopia is parked in the living room right now. My crafty stuff keeps migrating to other rooms! ;-)
Here's the wall of cardstock. I told you I had a lot of cardstock, but you didn't realize I meant THIS much, huh? (O, yeah, I do have more than this, I just remembered!) Top right shelf has finished scrapbook pages that need a home. See on the left side of the rack? All my pompoms??
My wall of fabric. I have fabric categorized by color in the white bins, then some fat quarters I want to keep out because I love the colors. Rolls of Lutradur and Pellon stabilizer standing on the floor. That piece of fabric with the eggs that's hanging down is printed on TAP(Transfer Artist Paper) and transferred to a linen-like material. I love birds and eggs and nests. Not too much fabric here so I can expand!! YIPEE!! Notice the "Twilight" trio?
To the left of my laptop are the original shelves and now the new ones butted up against them. That paper mache dress form will get clothes eventually!
The Cricut corner: Expression, Jukebox(I haven't ever use this!), Gypsy, multitude of cartridges, markers, gel pens, Cuttlebug and embossing folders, extra mats, extra blades, and carts with loads of tools.

I'm so happy about this room...I'm ready to create now. I wonder how long it will stay looking this good???!!!


  1. Shirley it looks GREAT!! I love the transition from the round table to the two 6' together, makes for a lot of work space!

    I also love that TAP piece with the eggs, I have some of that and and found it when I was looking for somethign the other day -- have never used it.....hmmmm maybe for my image transfer class!!

    have a great day!

  2. Oh my lordy..what a studio space!!I would be creative just stepping in here!!