Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. Pat's Fabric Postcard

Trading Fabric Post Cards is a Yahoo swap group I am a part of. Here's my St. Patrick's post card I've made for my swap partner. It's going off in the mail today. Bye-Bye Little Lassie. Bring good luck wherever you go!

The image is from Dover Publications printed on TAP(Transfer Artist Paper)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

B&W Fabric ATC's

I'm finally done with all 12 of my ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) for a swap with Trading Fabric Post Cards (TFPC). They're all set in their envelopes ready for the post office. They are each off to their destinations like Alabama, Texas, Kansas, and even Australia. Farewell my creations, have a good time in your new homes! :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fabric ATC

Here's the first of a dozen fabric ATC's I am making for a swap at TFPC. I think I need to add a red 3-D item to this.

I think I still need more sewing classes!! I totally need help with my satin stitch around corners! UGH! Well, I know that practice makes perfect, right?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stitching frenzy!

Yes, friends, I went to the two day "Machine Retreat" at the quilt store this week to learn about my machine. What a blast! Melody and Cheryl each taught a day as we learned about the machine and created a tote bag with various stitches. I met some wonderful women and learned a bunch. I can't show you what we made as it is a "Melody Original" and only for this class at this store. But I will show you a pix of one thing we did.

I was so psyched...A presser foot with an adjustable guide! For this stitch we used a honeycomb stitch with the width at zero and length at 4. What it produces is a triple stitch that looks like hand embroidery. On this piece we also stitched in the opposite direction so it became a diamond pattern. I love diamond motifs!

Let me tell you why a presser foot with an adjustable guide is such a thrill. I used to make some of my clothes when I was in high school...many moons ago. I don't EVER remember changing presser feet. Seriously! I'm in a new world actually learning how to sew! (insert goofy-eyed emoticon)

I am in love with sewing and fabric. I bought some new threads...of course I gotta get the good stuff if I'm using a Bernina...Mettler cotton. Doesn't this look like a bowl of candies? Such yummy colors!!

I wanted to chat a bit about asking questions. I had a student commenting in an online class, "Fabric: What, How, and WOW!" that I'm teaching at My Creative Classroom. She was complimenting the quality and amount of info I had presented in the first lesson. She said it answered so many of the questions she had but was afraid/embarassed to ask.

Please don't ever be afraid to ask questions...from anyone, anywhere. It is the only way you will learn anything. The gals at your quilt/fabric stores have a plethora of knowledge and is yours if you will only ask for it. I am always asking questions. I might even preface the questions by saying, "OK, I know nothing about this..."(especially at the computer store! I make them assume I know nothing and speak to me like a newbie!..."And then which button do I press?...)

But seriously, you can learn so much if you just ask questions!! Just do it!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Derwent Inktense Pencils on Fabric

Remember last week I showed you some of the wonderful fabric I recently purchased from my local quilt shop? Just love this fun newspaper themed fabric. I also love black and white, specifically because you can paint and dye it. (Fabric: Poppy Lane by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures)
Well, here's what I've done to it.
Enter: Derwent Inktense Pencils. These are similar to watercolor pencils, but retain the vibrancy of ink when you add water. Here's what the back of the package reads: Derwent Inktense combines the intensity of pen and ink with the versatility of line and wash. Use them dry to create strong, vivid tones then wash over with water for a translucent, ink-like effect. Once dry, this colour wash is permanent and can be worked over again using other media, both soluble and non-soluble. The possibilities are endless, the results stunning.
They come in this pack of six and also larger packs of 24 colors.

Yes, they work on fabric! Check it out:

I began with dry fabric. Color on your fabric with the pencils.
With a paintbrush spread a bit of water and watch the vibrant colors come alive. (Yes, I should have used a smaller brush!)

You will get some bleeding if you use a lot of water, so be aware. You can see some bleed into the man's face below...but that just adds to the charm of it my eyes.So try it out...I bet you'll love them as much as I do!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's a new year for me!

I've started a new have a super-fit body so I can defy my age. Yeah, I know you're laughing at me, right? Well, I have hit a MAJOR decade of life this year(insert crying emoticon!) and actually my B-day is the 24th of this month(again!). I've just signed up with a personal trainer at THIS GYM. I had my first half hour session yesterday and I thought I was not going to be able to walk today, but I am happy to say I can. I am sore, but it's a "good sore". Yes, I will still have MY KARATE CLASS twice a week, but it's just not enough.

I had to get on the scale and get measured(I did groan inside just a bit), but I'm so glad I did this for me! I'm on my way...this is my year!

What are you doing for yourself??

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got my Bernina!!

I got it! My Bernina Aurora 450! I am so psyched! This baby does 9mm stitches in addition to all the regular stuff. I have a free motion foot, and all sorts of other cool feet for it. Be prepared to start seeing some sewing projects coming down the pike. Is it the most amazing thing you've ever seen?

It has this cute little cabinet to put all your tools and feet. I also got some bobbins and thread. So my hubby may be watching the Superbowl this Sunday, but I'll be sewing and trying out all the available stitches. Next week I go to the Machine Retreat. Two whole days of learning how to use this puppy! YIPPEE!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My studio is done, my studio is done!

So can you tell a difference from this photo above and the ones I posted yesterday? Hopefully, you can! I decided to get the shelves yesterday and not glad I got it all done. Hubby helped me, of course, but we got the shelves all lined up with the ones I already had. I'm so thrilled. Yeah, I know it doesn't look like it should be in a magazine, but I have never had so few items on my work table! Come, let's go on a tour!

First, here are the new shelves. At the top are various things I made...some from classes I took, some from classes or kits I offered. I've got all my coloring tools together...stamps, inks, paints...well, I do have more paints in another drawer...I love paints! Yes, the ScrapRack is still here. I've got to decide on that. I want to put my Xyron Creatopia in its spot. (If you click on the Creatopia link you'll get to see my friend Beth in the video...she's a hoot!) The Creatopia is parked in the living room right now. My crafty stuff keeps migrating to other rooms! ;-)
Here's the wall of cardstock. I told you I had a lot of cardstock, but you didn't realize I meant THIS much, huh? (O, yeah, I do have more than this, I just remembered!) Top right shelf has finished scrapbook pages that need a home. See on the left side of the rack? All my pompoms??
My wall of fabric. I have fabric categorized by color in the white bins, then some fat quarters I want to keep out because I love the colors. Rolls of Lutradur and Pellon stabilizer standing on the floor. That piece of fabric with the eggs that's hanging down is printed on TAP(Transfer Artist Paper) and transferred to a linen-like material. I love birds and eggs and nests. Not too much fabric here so I can expand!! YIPEE!! Notice the "Twilight" trio?
To the left of my laptop are the original shelves and now the new ones butted up against them. That paper mache dress form will get clothes eventually!
The Cricut corner: Expression, Jukebox(I haven't ever use this!), Gypsy, multitude of cartridges, markers, gel pens, Cuttlebug and embossing folders, extra mats, extra blades, and carts with loads of tools.

I'm so happy about this room...I'm ready to create now. I wonder how long it will stay looking this good???!!!