Friday, January 21, 2011

What to do when it's raining? Shopping, of course!

It was a rainy day today in the Sunshine State. So, after I did my email-reading and website-tending, I ventured off to Bernina Sewing Center in Lake Mary...just a piece up the road from me.

Melody, who owns the place, took so much time helping me understand the differences in the Bernina models. Her shop is amazing! There is so much quilty goodness in that store. Tons of samples to see and touch, amazing mixed media pieces that is totally right up my alley! Fabrics and classes and tools, oh my. She actually wouldn't "let" me purchase a machine today. She wants me to think on it to make sure of the purchase and make sure I get the machine I really want. I really appreciate that. When I researched the store online, I told myself that the personality of the store owners would dictate whether or not I'd buy from them...and I was so happy to sit and chat with her in depth about her store, her sample pieces, and the classes. She also said to wait becasue they will be having a "Superbowl" sale from Feb 3-7th...really? Telling me to wait for the sale to purchase this? I love it.

So while I was in there, I just had to get a few things! First off, I needed a new rotary cutter. I got this ruler, too, because you can never have enough! She also told me the proper way to hold the ruler so it doesn't slip. (Duh!! I really can't wait for the classes!)

I absolutely couldn't leave the store without a bit of this fabric (below), so I got a full yard. I don't know what I will make with it, but I can see a bunch of little art quilts or ATC's or fabric postcards for my swaps with this. I also will probably dye some of it with a bit of acrylic ink! It is just FAB! (Poppy by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures, Inc.)

Another wonderful print that will look great dyed...the white will give a resist
(Naturally Naturals for Red Rooster)

And this totally caught my eye...again, I'm not sure what I'll make, but I had to have it! (Summertime by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup for Henry Glass & Co.)

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