Monday, January 31, 2011

Guess what I've been doing this weekend?

Take just one guess...what do you think I was doing this weekend? Yeah, I'm not done as you can plainly see!
So I changed out the dining room table for two 6-foot folding tables. There's so much more room. I have those grids on the left wall (see top photo) from when I was a scrapbook consultant and kept an inventory. OK, I know I still have all that inventory! I will be taking down those racks and putting up more shelving like you see in the photos on the far wall. Those are from Home Depot! I just need more space!!

Sheesh! You can't even see the rack of Cropper Hopper Paper Holders where I categorized all my cardstock by color. (...took me quite a few hours!) I have eight of them with filled with wonderfully color-coded cardstock!

I will be saying goodbye to my double wide ScrapRack. It just takes up too much space. Anyone want it? I am sure the shipping would be furious!

I can't wait to show you the finished room. I sure hope it won't take too long to fix it up!!

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