Monday, January 31, 2011

Guess what I've been doing this weekend?

Take just one guess...what do you think I was doing this weekend? Yeah, I'm not done as you can plainly see!
So I changed out the dining room table for two 6-foot folding tables. There's so much more room. I have those grids on the left wall (see top photo) from when I was a scrapbook consultant and kept an inventory. OK, I know I still have all that inventory! I will be taking down those racks and putting up more shelving like you see in the photos on the far wall. Those are from Home Depot! I just need more space!!

Sheesh! You can't even see the rack of Cropper Hopper Paper Holders where I categorized all my cardstock by color. (...took me quite a few hours!) I have eight of them with filled with wonderfully color-coded cardstock!

I will be saying goodbye to my double wide ScrapRack. It just takes up too much space. Anyone want it? I am sure the shipping would be furious!

I can't wait to show you the finished room. I sure hope it won't take too long to fix it up!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

ATC collection

Here's my wall mounted holder (7 gypsies Artist Printer Tray) for some amazing ATC's(Artist Trading Cards) I've created and received from an online swap. The ladies involved in the swap are participants in an online class taught by Catherine Matthews-Scanlon. I'm sorry to say that the class is closed right now, but you've got to take a class with Catherine! Her style, attention to detail, projects, etc., are phenomenal!! I am a lucky one. I am a "teacher's helper" inside her class. That means I create her classroom, upload her course info and do whatever she asks of me to get her online classes rolling. Plus I get the first view at her wonderful projects!! :D

Back to the cards. We're in the process of mailing them all out and receiving them...some of us are "across the pond" from one another, so it can take a bit of time to get them all where they're supposed to be. In any case, when they are all here I will show close-ups of each card and links to the participants' blogs so you can see what other wonders they create! Hang onto your hats because these babies are beautiful!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When the Fed-Ex man comes a-knockin' at the door...

Oh my! Don't ya just love it when you get a package in the mail? Well I ordered a box of stuff from Carol Wingert. She's one of my fave persons...designer, author, artist-extraordinaire! When she has a class or offers a "workshop in a box"/monthly kits, don't walk...RUN to your credit card and plunk down whatever it costs! I am so serious! Carol has a superb quality about her and it shows in the type of work she does.

I just received the Inspiration Grab Box I ordered from her. This was her just purging stuff from her house...not a kit or brand new stuff...just things she was getting rid of. Why would I spend money on other people's stuff? Oh, well, this is Carol Wingert...'nuff said!
This was waaaaayyyy beyond my wildest dreams. No there aren't anymore, but I show you what I got only to tease you...I mean show you how extravagantly Carol gives of herself.

Take a look at what was in my box:
A stack of coordinating fabrics and wonderful tassels
various rub-ons, stamps, tickets
Wonderfully coordinated reds, creams, and yellows for a large tag book
various die cuts...there are some really cool flourishes and birds here
love this pack of natural colored papers...some hand-stamped
more trims...
great tickets in a glassine envelope...
no we're not even close to being done yet...
amazing wide trims...
huge chipboard letters...Prima flowers...yeah baby!
die cuts, embellishments, bottle of red flocking(!), florals, another sun stamp(my fave!)...
cool heart playing cards in another glassine envie(envelope)
This fabric panel is about 8" x 10"...I have to make a bag with it...
chipboard book kit, papers, embellies, glitter glue, another stamp...
CUTE alterable clutch purse(!)
various papers and cardstock...
a full book kit!!
fabulous flowers and nature tags...
a whole bag full of trims!!
and at the very bottom about a 2" stack of 12" x 12" papers and cardstocks! I tell ya again...I was shocked and chuckled as I opened each bag of goodies. Carol, thank you soo much. Please let us know next time you are cleaning house. ;-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

What to do when it's raining? Shopping, of course!

It was a rainy day today in the Sunshine State. So, after I did my email-reading and website-tending, I ventured off to Bernina Sewing Center in Lake Mary...just a piece up the road from me.

Melody, who owns the place, took so much time helping me understand the differences in the Bernina models. Her shop is amazing! There is so much quilty goodness in that store. Tons of samples to see and touch, amazing mixed media pieces that is totally right up my alley! Fabrics and classes and tools, oh my. She actually wouldn't "let" me purchase a machine today. She wants me to think on it to make sure of the purchase and make sure I get the machine I really want. I really appreciate that. When I researched the store online, I told myself that the personality of the store owners would dictate whether or not I'd buy from them...and I was so happy to sit and chat with her in depth about her store, her sample pieces, and the classes. She also said to wait becasue they will be having a "Superbowl" sale from Feb 3-7th...really? Telling me to wait for the sale to purchase this? I love it.

So while I was in there, I just had to get a few things! First off, I needed a new rotary cutter. I got this ruler, too, because you can never have enough! She also told me the proper way to hold the ruler so it doesn't slip. (Duh!! I really can't wait for the classes!)

I absolutely couldn't leave the store without a bit of this fabric (below), so I got a full yard. I don't know what I will make with it, but I can see a bunch of little art quilts or ATC's or fabric postcards for my swaps with this. I also will probably dye some of it with a bit of acrylic ink! It is just FAB! (Poppy by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures, Inc.)

Another wonderful print that will look great dyed...the white will give a resist
(Naturally Naturals for Red Rooster)

And this totally caught my eye...again, I'm not sure what I'll make, but I had to have it! (Summertime by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup for Henry Glass & Co.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My new purse...wonderful ruffly goodness

I have to give you a little background to this purse. It's made from cotton duck. If you're not familiar with it, it is probably the closest thing you can get to least at my local Joanns. I like cotton duck because it is pretty heavy duty.
I wanted to play with fabric one day and decided to make a pattern, just start cutting and sewing. I don't like to read instructions anyway and like being a free spirit and a rogue with my crafting. :-) So I decide to make a purse...what size, you ask? Well it has to fit my wallet and my cell phone and my keys. Other than that I don't care. So I measured my wallet, added a few inches, added a bit for seam allowances and started to rip!
What kind of handle? Well, I like a shoulder strap, but I'm tall and I like the size of the purse to be long enough so I can grab the bottom of the bag with my hand if my arm is extended straight down my side. I don't know how many inches that is, but I went ahead and tore more strips for the strap.

Only after I started sewing this did I realize I wanted to use this yummy quilting fabric. I was perusing the quilting department in the very same Joann's and happened upon this great fabric. The charm pack of this same fabric is called Seaglass by Fabric Central. I bought the fat quarters and the charm pack. I can't find a link, so it's probably discontinued by now. I absolutely fell in love with the colors. It reminds me of a beach vacation.
Long's the end result. I love it!
Wonderful ruffly goodness!
When you don't follow a pattern or the regular way you'd normally stitch something like this, you have to fanagle(sp?) a few things...I sewed it up before stitching on the ruffles. Oops! Oh well, I did it anyway. Luckily I hadn't totally stitched down the inner lining so I was able to get inside it to stitch the ruffles.
It's got a magnetic snap
Coordinated inner lining
I had some extra ruffles so I made a big flower to cover the snap in front.
I'm so proud of this and thankful that it actually turned out well enough to use. Sure, the straps are not exactly straight, but no one will know...Ssshhhh, don't tell anyone!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Painting on Fabric Tutorial, Part 1

Painting on Fabric Tutorial, Part 1
Just let yourself play. No project in mind. Just see how the paints and inks flow onto the fabric. Use whatever you have on hand. Make sure you cover your workspace as you and it will get messy!! I use my ironing board as a table as I like to stand to's the perfect height.(Thanks and a shout out to Linda Woods and Karen Dinino of Journal Revolution...they use an ironing board, too.)

  1. One of the coloring tools I used is Liquitex Acrylic Inks. These are marvelous! You can use them on paper, fabric, in dip pens, and more! Add them to a spray bottle with a bit of water and spray them onto your fabric or paper. The caps have a dropper so you can save on ink. Or use the dropper and drip onto fabric. You can purchase them individually or the the set I have comes in these three primary colors with black, white, brown(to be exact: Yellow Orange Azo, Phthalocyanine Blue(green shade), Naphthol Crimson, Carbon Black, Titanium White, Transparent Raw Umber). There's also a metallic set...yes, I have it...comes with the black and white and Iridescent Bright Silver, Iridescent Bright Gold, Iridescent Rich Bronze, and Iridescent Rich Copper. Good stuff! I've got to get me a dip pen!!!
  2. This is only a small portion of my paint stash. I have scrapbook paints, craft paints, tube acrylics, fluid acrylics, fabric paints, Dye-Na-Flow(the paint that acts like an ink), Lumiere(wonderful shimmery colors) and more! not to mention other coloring tools and instruments...we'll get to that in later tutorials. ;-)
  3. Onto the painting...I used a scrap of muslin fabric (not pre-washed). Just tear it. You can either paint on your fabric dry or wet. Each will give you a different look. For these photos, I've wet my fabric first. The water gives your paints a more blended look on the fabric, like watercolor. In the photo below, I've wet the fabric and spread on fluid acrylic with a paintbrush. You can use a sponge, foam brush or whatever.
  4. Various colors of fluid acrylics blended with water. I like how as the fabric dried the edges gathered a more vibrant color as the paints wicked out.
  5. You can get some really neat "dyed" fibers, too if you leave the threads hanging on the torn fabric edges. See the bottom right corner of the photo below.
  6. Play with commercially printed fabrics, too. Here's a few 2" squares of a batik look print. The base is white and navy. I just added some very watered-down paints and it created fantastic looking pieces to use in my mixed media art.

Next up...let's add some more color with other coloring tools, stamps, etc.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yummy fabric!!

Isn't this just some of the yummiest fabrics? I've been drooling over all the wonderful things at The Fat Quarter Shop. This one is Garden Divas Peacock Zinnias by Jane Sassaman for Free Spirit Fabrics. I just love the black background with such bright colors. And I'm not usually a bright colored girl, but this is just lovely!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Makeover time!

I'm so inspired to make over my blog. I admit I haven't put too much thought into this thing, but I want to add a few pages. I've gotten some good ideas as I've perused quite a few blogs this weekend. I want to add some tutorials, a gallery of my "stuff"...and I'm on the hunt for a snappy name for my blog/designs/art biz of sorts. That means a new banner/header.

Got to show you more ATC's I've made for a swap:

This was a part of a large stamped image, cut in two. Not my fave, but I like the addition of dimensional portions of the stamped image.

This butterfly card does have a "partner" but I didn't photograph them together. The butterfly is an old rub-on that wouldn't rub onto the transparency. So I just cut it off from the release paper and glued it down, added Diamond Glaze and glitter. It is my FAVORITE!!! I love a bit of black in everything I do, so I am in heaven over this one. Gotta love that black bling. I know I'm probably really weird to like black bling...but I'm really not into shiny and glittery stuff. But this...ooohhhh!!!

For some reason I can't satin stitch too well...I guess I need lessons!

Speaking of which...I am in the mode of purchasing a new sewing machine. I want to be able to free motion stitch, and my current machine doesn't have a darning/free motion foot...darn it all! Oh well, I guess that means I purchase a new one. (go ahead, force me to shop!) Here's the one I'm thinking about:

It's a Bernina aurora 430...gotta head on over to the local quilt shop to check it out and get advice. (While I'm there I MUST search for new fabrics, right?)I have no idea what to get other than I know what I want to use it for. Any advice??

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Music fills the soul!!

This is what my desk looked like a few minutes ago. Playing with bunches of stuff as I make ATC's for a swap. It's amazing how much better(IMHO) my art is when I listen to beautiful music. I have a wide range in taste of music, but lately have been listening to contemporary Christian music from a local radio station. Good stuff!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hear ye! N0 snow in Florida!!

I just heard on the radio that Florida(where I am!) is the ONLY state that has NO SNOW on the ground. Yes, there's even snow in Hawaii...but not here. It is sunshining now! We do have freeze warnings for tonoght, I must tell you, and I really hate this cold weather, but this is definitely the place to be. Just thought you might like to know. ;-)

Enjoy your day! :D