Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy National Sewing Month!

I bet you didn't know it's National Sewing Month, did you? Well, in honor of such a special event(and I'm being serious!) I made a very cool, very "green" reuseable market bag. There are a few very cool things about this.
The first cool thing is that I recycled blue jeans that my DS#2 outgrew to make the handles. The second, very cool thing(pun intended!) is that it's made with the new Insul-Fleece by C&T Publications. Insul-Fleece keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. Metalized mylar is layered in between polyester fleece to create a high-quality barrier that reflects heat or cold. Very easy to sew through. It's coming out very be on the look out!

And while I'm on the subject of fabric, come join me in my first online class of the fall semester at My Creative Classroom, "Fabric: What, How, and WOW!" Come use that stash of fabric you have(or go shopping for one!) and let's create some cute and useful things with my favorite medium...fabric!

We'll make cards, photo frames, embellishments, art quilts, and even wearable fabric art! Click here to see full course description and to register for this class. Class starts Tuesday September 14th.

Remember, an online class means you can view materials 24/7 whenever YOU'RE ready...on YOU'RE schedule....and in your jammies! :D

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