Monday, March 8, 2010

Signs of Spring

In Florida, at least, there are signs of Spring at every turn. I was walking in the yard this past weekend and noticed the citrus trees are beginning to bloom.
The Lime Tree is the first to have blooms and the bees have found it. It's funny how the blossoms don't have a fragrance, but if you pick off a leaf and tear it, the fragrance is amazing! There are some serious thorns on the tree, too
Next up...the orange tree. When this blooms there is the most wonderful scent! It will only be a week or so before the flowers burst open and the bees do their thing.
Last, but not least is the Lemon tree. Another tree with thorns, but very fragrant when it blooms. This will be the last tree to bloom, I think. It doesn't get as much sun as the other two trees do and it hasn't grown as large or as fast as the other two trees. But I sure do love those purpl-y berry shaped blossons...soon to be opened.

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  1. I'm very jealous of all your citrus trees. When we bought this house 15 years ago it had 4 apple trees and 2 pear trees. We're down to 1 apple tree that doesn't produce (they were all diseased) and one pear tree that we never get full fruit from anymore. So sad. I'm looking forward to more signs of spring as we've had a few days of 58 degrees.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my tutorial. I had fun making it.