Friday, April 24, 2009

New online class!!

I am teaching another online crafting class at My Creative Classroom that begins on Thursday, April 30 called "Altered Frames, Many Styles". This is a super cool 3-D wall hanging technique and project class creating interconnecting frames to put your pix on the wall. You've got to see it. This picture in the description only shows one style.
Go to and scroll to the Home Dec category. You'll flip over the projects and techniques!
Bring some friends along with you and have a crafting "party"! I can just see it: lunch...some sangria...some crafting...everyone getting into their groove...taking pix and posting them in the classroom gallery. I'm lovin' it. Get on over there and sign up.
Can't wait to "see" you in class! :D

Monday, April 20, 2009


I was cruising around blogworld this morning and went to one of my favorite blogs of my favorite artists...Rebecca Sower. Here's a poem she wrote that I adore. I kind of like anything she does...

i want the path in front of me to be clear
i don't want to stumble over
be distracted by
stones that shouldn't be there.
i want to reach up
and grab the warm sky
and wrap it around me
like an old, soft quilt.
i want to work
and pray
and trust
and love...
all at the same time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

more mixed media fun!

Here's another fun piece I made a few weeks back from an old photo of two of my boys and one of my nephews. Everytime I see this pix I die laughing. It is from #1DS's birthday...these guys are so goofy-looking. Looks like nephew on the right is picking his nose. I call the photo, "The nose-picking bunch". Gotta love it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mixed Media online class...

That's right, my Mixed Media Techniques & Projects I class begins April 20 and continue for 4 weeks. But registration begins NOW! The classroom will remain open for a total of 6 weeks so you will have time to finish your projects. And notice that it is a Techniques AND Projects class. Each week you will get instructions for a project and the techniques that were used. You will be able to gather those techniques and use them as a jumping off point to make your own project.

And I will say that the projects are amazing! I actually sent them in the be published...I have never even dared to do that before!

Head on over to My Creative Classroom to get more info and to sign up. Registration starts NOW!