Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life changes and it's usually hard!

With the medical issues I have had and literally being bed-ridden, I put all my at-home businesses on hold back in November. It was an excruciating decision because I loved what I did. I couldn't see holding on to the consultant-based business...I have a TON of inventory already and I can keep ordering every month just to keep "active" so I just let that go. (If anyone needs ANYTHING scrapbook related, I have it and I will sell it to you!) And FYI, that consultant-based organization just closed its doors for good! :(

But I will continue to teach online classes with My Creative Classroom. All my classes are still online waiting for me to come back and open them up and/or finish adding to them. So I am glad about that. I can continue healing and work from my own home. I have alot of great classes that I will open up soon, so check out the website...or better yet, sign up for the free newsletter and you will be "in the know". We've added even more new instructors. I teach altered projects, mini books, a mixed media technique class, a travel project workshop, etc. So get on over to the website and sign up for the newsletter.

Here's some more pages I've done while recuperating. I was going for rather simple to get 'em done!

#3 son - 8th grade Volleyball

#2 son in Kindergarten(he's a Senior in HS now!)

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