Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recouperating and creating...

I am recouperating from my angiogram which was Friday. All went well. I was actually much more scared than I needed to be. I was not sedated and really it was not a big deal. I will have a few procedures in a few weeks that will take care of a some things that have been causing the headaches and after that I should be as good as new, thank God.

So until then I am crafting and fixin' suppers for my family. Here and there I am walking the dog, but not these last few in Florida it is FREEZIN"! Literally. We Floridians don't do well with the cold. We don't have winter clothes. I mean a sweatshirt and jeans doesn't exactly do well in freezing temperatures. Sure it warms up a bit during the day, but I'm not walking the dog when it's in the 40's. Over the weekend it will be in the 70's during the day. Now that's the kind of weather we like for "winter". Jeans and a T-shirt, thank you!

Just found this photo from last year at Thanksgiving. I made this gift for my MIL. No special occasion. I'm on a creative roll right now. MIL is in the center of the picture in the brown shirt, surrounded by my family of boys and her best friends from Miami. It's in a shadowbox. She's gonna love it. The shadowbox is from Ikea, the patterned paper is from Scenic Route - Sonoma, the heart is Cosmo Cricket's Buck Naked Buttons, and crushed velvet ribbon from Stampington & Co. (gotta love everything that comes from Stampington!)

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