Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Creative Classroom has more new teachers!

We're getting ready for a new year at My Creative Classroom . And even though I have been ill and am taking a bit of a leave of absence, they have been gearing up with new classes and new teachers. And can I say that these newest teachers are the cream of the crop? They most certainly are! Click on their names in the left hand column of this blog where I have listed MCC staff and find out more about them: Terri Martin, Cindi Rippe, Ellen Heaney, and Lara Scott.

Check them out at the MCC website. They've just been anounced. I do think they will get your heart all a'flutter. Now we have quite a large roster of great teachers to choose from with ranging talents in the most all of the arts that should satisfy anyone's tastes.

As soon as I am back to 100% or there abouts, I will be back to teaching. I have a good number of classes already waiting in the wings to be unveiled once I am ready. So go check out the new and improved website and the new teachers. I think you'll be happily surprised. :D

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