Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gearing Up for the Holidays!

Yes, I am still in pain, but I am bored of lying in bed! I have an appointment to see the Neurologist tomorrow. Hopefully to get some good meds!!!

There is a local Holiday Craft fair in early December that I will be vending at, and I have quite a few plans rolling around in my head! I have a great need to start creating stuff to sell. I started by making up a few of the remaining class kits I had on hand.
Here's the last "All About Me" Paper Bag Album

And I made up a few "Treasures of my Heart" CD Folder Mini Books

I will post some of the other things I make. It feels good to be out of bed and actually create! It is so good for the soul! :D


  1. great projects, i'm sure you will sell lots!!!

  2. Awesome stuff*!*

    Glad you're feeling a bit better Lady*!*

  3. Hey I hope your feeling better!!! I sure miss your comments on the forum. And I am so sad your no longer with IRW!!!! :( I will miss you on the trips and such....

    You are always in my prayers!!!! LOVE YOU!