Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gearing Up for the Holidays!

Yes, I am still in pain, but I am bored of lying in bed! I have an appointment to see the Neurologist tomorrow. Hopefully to get some good meds!!!

There is a local Holiday Craft fair in early December that I will be vending at, and I have quite a few plans rolling around in my head! I have a great need to start creating stuff to sell. I started by making up a few of the remaining class kits I had on hand.
Here's the last "All About Me" Paper Bag Album

And I made up a few "Treasures of my Heart" CD Folder Mini Books

I will post some of the other things I make. It feels good to be out of bed and actually create! It is so good for the soul! :D

Thursday, October 9, 2008

the pain...

I have debated about posting my real feelings. I decided to just do it.

I have been suffering with cluster headaches all of September and now into October. Went to the emergency three times and was finally admitted into the hospital for pain management and to get the needed tests, no thanks to the insurance company. All the tests are negative. Meaning there is no cancer or tumors. But yes, I have brain matter, believe it or not. But it really hurts right now. There's nothing really that can be done for cluster headaches, so I'm told.

I will actually get to see the Neurologist on Monday, thanks to a cancellation. Thank God! I am really wondering what I can do that is pro-active for this. What can I eat or NOT eat, what can I do or not do? Is there really nothing??? Must I really sit and suffer? It really stinks to have chronic pain and to have to lie in bed and rest.

My husband has been an absolute saint. He has taken me to the hospital when I was less than cordial, cooked for me, fed me, given me medication, done the laundry, shopping, cleaning, AND corraled the three teen boys, too!! I tell ya, there's not a better man...