Monday, September 22, 2008

Ever heard of Cluster Headaches?

Not a migraine...different symptoms. I'd heard about Cluster headaches, but never really understood them until I recently got one! It is one of the most painful things.

I have had headaches when I was in middle school from straining my eyes and needed glasses. I have had headaches now and then when we were expecting rain. But to have a unilateral headache right behind your eyeball, piercing into your ear and down your face and neck...UGH! You don't want to know!

I ended up going to the ER last Sunday because I knew something was not right and my head felt like it was exploding. Once they figured out that it was a Cluster Headache they gave me oxygen which usually will help break the pain cycle. When that was not working, I got an I.V. drug(can't remember the name) and finally took off a great deal of the edge.

Well, I still have the headache, but to a lesser degree. I researched a bit on the net and have come to realize that there is no cure and no understandable reason for them to happen. They are not hereditary. They usually effect men in their 20's-40's(that's not me!) and women over 50(not me yet!!). Cluster headaches usually occur inthe night..while you're sleeping...I have found this out first-hand. They can stay with you for a long time and you can go into remission of sorts...but it will come back. Oh, woe is me!!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my general doc...a wonderful lady who is an osteopath. And hopefully she has some good news in the form of drugs for me!!! I'll let ya know!

So if anyone has any kind words or advice for me...please leave me a comment!! TIA!

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