Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back in action! Free online class and PRIZES!

Where have I been? I have no clue, but wherever I was, I am back! Seems like this blog gets a back seat to a host of other things! Does that ever happen to you???

Who wants in on a FREE online class? Well, of course you do. Hop on over to My Creative Classroom and check out the FREE class that is being run for one more week. You still have time to get in on games and prizes. We're talking major easy ways to win prizes! Like post to the forums and have your name put into a drawing. Post 20 times and have your name put in 20 times...How easy is that? Go the link and get on over there!

Oh, and since you headed in that direction, this week is MCC's Fall Kick-Off. Yes, that's right, we are gearing up for the new semester. Revealing new teachers and new courses...and they are some amazing courses! If you guessed that there are games and prizes, you're right! It all happens in the Student Activity Center!!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 10) come on over and join us for a chat! From 10am-12pm CST or 8pm-10pm CST we are hosting chats to introduce a few of the new instructors and talking about who doesn't need more tips about storing all the stuff that we collect?? Shhhhh, don't tell the husband...he thinks I actually use this stuff instead of just hoarding it!! LOL!!!

Hope to "see" you at My Creative Classroom!

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  1. Hey Girl!!! That free class ROCKED!!!! And hey, your booth looks awesome.

    I tagged you over on my blog today... play along if you want!