Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photos from the weekend!

Yes, I know it's been a while...
I just returned from vending at the Scrapper's Dream Vacation that was held at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts. I was joined by two of my favorite people and I Remember When Instructors, Beth Kingston and Suzanne Mulet. Yes, it was during the whole hurricane/tropical storm Fay thing, but we didn't care. It pretty much spared the Orlando area and went around us...go figure!

Words cannot truly express the depth of what happens at an SDV event. I always come back after vending at an SDV event(this was my third) with a new love for women as we share our hearts and souls during the weekend. It's a scrapping weekend...yes, but it's so much more.

So on to the photos!

Here's most of our 10'x20' booth. Beth and I each have quite an extensive inventory!

Our Xyron adhesive display. It was nearly empty after the event was over. We love us some Xyron!

Here's the great Suzanne Mulet manning the Make & Take table. We had a new project each day and everyone loved what they got to make.

Beth is at the cash register and Suzanne is in the background in black. They both have really cool hair!

Looking out into the sea of scrappers. This only shows maybe half of the room. The vendors line the walls. It is amazing how much stuff these women bring!! The poor bellmen!

So if SDV ever comes your way, you've gotta get your girlfriends and head on over for a scrappin' good time!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anyone want a free online class?

Yep, I said FREE!

Two great online instructors are team teaching at My Creative Classroom. Kylie Hopkins and Shirley Pando combine their scrapbook experience and teaching talents to bring you Scrapbooking 101. This FREE class will run for two weeks beginning September 1, 2008. Stop by daily to learn techniques, tips, play games, participate in challenges, win prizes and more! Did I mention PRIZES???

CLICK HERE to register and join the fun!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My 3 Sons

Here they are! My 3 sons! Evan, who starts his second year in community college, is on the left, Nick, a senior in HS, is on the right, and Garrett, freshman in HS, in the middle. Both Evan (6')and Nick(6'2") are taller than me and their dad. Garrett is in his growth spurt now and is almost as tall as me(5'10"). I haven't been 'short' since the 6th grade!! In this photo they are all on their way to church...together!! That's why I HAD to take a photo.

Aren't they just the cutest???!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am so excited! But keep it hush, hush!

I have some exclusive info, but you can't tell's not been announced yet!

At My Creative Classroom we are beginning to bring in new teachers to the pack of existing ones. They have been going though a 6-week training to learn how to teach online classes. Teaching online classes is WAAAYYY different than teaching face-to-face classes. So much more to consider and much more prep work.

The New Instructor's class is the same type of class that I went through to become an instructor there last year, only we were the guinea pigs, as we were the first teachers through the course. OMG! It was so hard! I kept telling myself, "Don't quit, it will all be good once you get through"! Everything techie I know I learned at MCC!!! Really! And now I almost feel like a pro! LOL!

At My Creative Classroom we will be having our Fall Kick-Off event the week of September 8th. ('Yours Truly' is in charge of it!!) We will be introducing the new instructors, having a New Instructors chat, and having a few games and PRIZES(!).Mark your calendar so you will be there.

And if you haven't already done so, head on over to the MCC website and sign up for the FREE newsletter so you know when all the new courses and events will be posted.There's lots coming up at MCC!!! It's gonna be a good year! :D