Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beverley's 40 Days!!!

Well, today the 40 Days! blog hopping comes on over here to sunny Florida! Just a few minutes from heart of Disney World and all things MICKEY!!
I know you international gals have been up way before me as I am on East Coast time and some of you are already getting supper on the table! But here I am ready for a great giveaway!!

In honor of Beverley, aka "the Guv", and her special day I would like to give away a seat in one of classes at My Creative Classroom. Enjoy the Journey/Travel Workshop is one of my favorite project-based classes and it begins Thursday, July 17 for three weeks. There are four, count them...FOUR projects in this class. Take a look:
Should you win, there is an optional kit you can purchase if you'd like to, but you can certainly use up your own stash. Here's the link to all the class details and info about the kit.

To be in the running for the drawing all you need to do is comment to this post about what you would give Beverley on her birthday if money was no object!!! Get creative and show how you'd honor this crafty gal!! I will draw a winner from all the entries at 12 noon EST on Friday July 11th...that will give you enough time to prep for the class and gather your supplies!

Good Luck and have a great week!


  1. Well I don't really know Beverley, but I know what I would want if money was no option. I would purchase my entire LSS (Local Scrap Store) and give Beverley the keys for her birthday. Loads of scrapping goodies stuffed all in one place. They even have loads of table space, die cut machines, and everything else you can imagine to work on your craft.(you can purchase scrapping time from them) Happy Early Birthday Beverley! ;o]

  2. I don't know you either Beverly but I would give you
    "Scrap Freedom"
    so whenever an idea pops in your head you can be free to scrap wherever you are.

  3. Wow, Shirley! Great blog! You are living my dream ... being close to WDW and all things Mickey! Your Enjoy the Journey projects look amazing and ANY scrapper would be lucky to win a seat in class!

    If money was no object ... I'd give Beverley more hours in the day! She's so busy with all of her designing, crafting, blogging, networking, and family-ing ... I don't now how she does it all. I'm sure she would fill a few extra hours in the day with more of the same, but perhaps it would give her a chance to 'rest' a bit, too!

    Hey .... thanks, Shirley, for helping Beverley celebrate the countdown! This is so much fun!

    Take a peek at my blog:

  4. I don't know Beverly that well, So I would give her my dream. The most fabuliuos craft room with everything. All the latest tools and more storage space for paper, buttons, brads, and primas. All the time to do whatever she wants, when she wants.

  5. Money no object? Easy, a 50hr day!!!! LOL!

  6. LOL! I'm loving all your presents so far!! They say that it is the thought that counts ... & these are by far the most thoughtful (if impracticable & unworkable) gifts that any scrapper could have!
    Thank you so much to every one of you that has joined me for my 40 Days celebration ... & keep the great ideas coming - you NEED to take Shirley's class!
    B x (AKA 'Guv')

  7. Ooh now if moneywereno object, what would the guv like . . .

    Well to start with, a huge pink craft room! Filled with an unlimited supply of cosmo cricket - in fact i would also buy cosmo cricket for her!!

    The ability to stop time (for when you need a bit longer, and a bit of peace)

    And all of the happiness she could ever wish for!

    Happy (almost) 40th Guv!

  8. I think i would buy Beverley a Personal Assistant so they can help her with her busy life xxx

  9. Hmm... I would start off with hired hands to do all of her work while she is gone on a worldwide vacation. Once she gets back, those hired hands would continue to work for her until she has scrapped all of those pictures!! lol

  10. what would i get the Guv for her birthday if money was no object? obviously for someone this is no object!!

    i definitely get her day-care, her own studio, a magic button that would provide *just the right embellishment to finish every page*, and a monthly delivery from somewhere that sells chocolates, wine and bubble bath.

    i think she'd really like an extra 24 hours in every day tho!! lol

    and to be on every design team going!! ;)