Friday, May 30, 2008

Canines and Cancer

We noticed a weird bump on Pepper's front leg. At first I thought it might be an embedded tick, but it didn't look like that, really. My DH took her in to the vet and they said it was a mast cell tumor. They had to do a needle aspiration and send it off to the pathologist. I was so sad and couldn't think about the possibility of not having her around anymore.

Well, the vet called today and let us know that it WAS NOT a mast cell tumor, that it is a benign thing that in younger dogs will usually resolve itself on its own. Since she's 8 years old, we are getting that sucker off on Monday.

Before I was a "dog person" I couldn't understand how people got all lovey-dovey over their pets! But now I can't even think of living without her! I am a totally hooked dog-lover! She's my baby!


  1. Hi Shirley, so glad it was nothing serious after all!

    I am totally dog crazy myself and I have a dog which is 13 years old...Will miss her when that day come.

  2. Same thing happened to our Lab...those days of waiting to find out what it was were torture.

    Glad Pepper is ok*!*

  3. Thank God it was benign. I'm so relieved for you. My old girl, Ellie, is twelve and I can't even think about her not being with us.