Thursday, May 22, 2008

A blessing!

My oldest son was baptized last night. He has been studying the bible for a while and was finally ready to give his life to God. We are so proud of his decision. It is such a great thing for my other sons to see...a great role model for them.

One of the many cool things he said last night was that he thanked me for the many years I had brought him and his brothers to church...he said he wouldn't be here making this decision without it. (Background: I was baptized seven years before my husband. So for seven years it was me and the kids going to church, and midweek and any devotionals. It was VERY hard. It is totally two different perspectives of life when you and your spouse don't believe the same way.)

But what a blessing it is to see your son follow in the ways you prayed about for so long. I have even been through a very dry spell spiritually for a long time, but this totally proves that God is working everything out to His own plan!

Here's our gang. Mother-in-law- Nancy, Garrett - 14 years, Evan -19, Howard, me, and Nick - 17 years.


  1. I just had to comment on this. That is an amazing decision and one he will never regret! You should be a proud mom.

  2. I "happened" upon your blog from a fan of yours on SCS who guided me to a scrapbook. When I found the blog, I was so blessed to read about your son!! This decision is the most important one he will ever make! The angels in Heaven are rejoicing!! I am so happy for him and the blessing he will be to your whole family. God bless you all!

  3. This truly IS a blessing. When you know your kids love the Lord you can leave them in His care and trust that no matter what occurs God is working out His will for them.