Friday, May 30, 2008

Canines and Cancer

We noticed a weird bump on Pepper's front leg. At first I thought it might be an embedded tick, but it didn't look like that, really. My DH took her in to the vet and they said it was a mast cell tumor. They had to do a needle aspiration and send it off to the pathologist. I was so sad and couldn't think about the possibility of not having her around anymore.

Well, the vet called today and let us know that it WAS NOT a mast cell tumor, that it is a benign thing that in younger dogs will usually resolve itself on its own. Since she's 8 years old, we are getting that sucker off on Monday.

Before I was a "dog person" I couldn't understand how people got all lovey-dovey over their pets! But now I can't even think of living without her! I am a totally hooked dog-lover! She's my baby!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Life's too short to use ugly paper!

There is such a plethora of great looking patterned paper that it is a shame to use anything but the good stuff. I have junk here that I am determined to's really bad...nothing you'd want...really! It is going into the garbags bin...unless,... I bet I can make some cool paper beads with, you're talking! Seems like I really can't get rid of stuff...I need a 12-step program!!! I admit it...I am a paper junkie...isnt' that the first step to recovery? Do I really want to recover??

Well, here is a look at the class kit for my "Our Family" 12" x 6" Handmade Album class I am teaching at My Creative Classroom beginning on June 10th. You don't need to purchase the kit to register for the class. I just love making up kits and there are some people that LOVE kits!!! So I do what I can for others...Aren't these the greatest colors? So Summery and even a bit of Fall-looking. CLICK HERE for more info and to sign up! Hope to "see" you there!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am going to be blogging for Scrapping-4-Inclusion

Yep, that's right...every Wednesday I will be a guest blogger on the Scrapping-4-Inclusion blog. Most every day there will be guest bloggers from the scrapbooking community! So make sure you put us in your favorites and go check it out! You may see layouts, tips techniques...who knows??!!

The mission of Scrapping 4 Inclusion is to combine one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America with the need for creating awareness and raising funds onbehalf of children with disabilities and their advocates at The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (TBAF). This is an awareness and fundraising campaign where Volunteer Organizers across the USA will plan a full day Scrapbooking Crop in their own community. A Scrapping 4 Inclusion event, through creating awareness and raising funds, will help to create new and meaningful memories in the lives of children with and without special needs across North America.

Anyone can help plan an event in their here to find out the details!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A blessing!

My oldest son was baptized last night. He has been studying the bible for a while and was finally ready to give his life to God. We are so proud of his decision. It is such a great thing for my other sons to see...a great role model for them.

One of the many cool things he said last night was that he thanked me for the many years I had brought him and his brothers to church...he said he wouldn't be here making this decision without it. (Background: I was baptized seven years before my husband. So for seven years it was me and the kids going to church, and midweek and any devotionals. It was VERY hard. It is totally two different perspectives of life when you and your spouse don't believe the same way.)

But what a blessing it is to see your son follow in the ways you prayed about for so long. I have even been through a very dry spell spiritually for a long time, but this totally proves that God is working everything out to His own plan!

Here's our gang. Mother-in-law- Nancy, Garrett - 14 years, Evan -19, Howard, me, and Nick - 17 years.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Been organizing my "Hooker" bag...

...OK, I'll explain! I belong to a cool creative site called Cr8 Everyday Crafts...There was a challenge to see who could invite the most PEEPS to come and join....well, I won! And this is my prize. No, it's not REALLY a hooker bag..that would be just...wrong! LOL! But it is made by ScrapWorks and it IS magnificent!! (But couldn't you see Julia Roberts with this bag in "Pretty Woman"?? sure would fit a wig and thigh-high boots!!! LOL!!)

Since receiving my "Hooker" bag, I hadn't gotten my things in it. After years of using a HUGE purse, I dwindled down to the smallest purse on earth and now I am going back to a HUGE beast again with thie "Hooker" bag! Well, I am finished and am so happy about it!I can't show you a picture of me with the bag because I look totally disgusting! The advantage of working from home!!! LOL!

More photos to come! Blogger won't let me add more. :(

Friday, May 16, 2008

I just posted another new class!

Join me for this 2-week class at My Creative Classroom where you will learn how to make a handmade 12” x 6” album out of cardboard, card stock, paper, and embellishments! The theme of the optional class kit is "OUR FAMILY", but when you use your own supplies, your theme can be anything you want and can be re-created in a flash for many occasions.

Do you want to learn some techniques? Besides learning to create your own handmade album, you will learn how to machine sew on paper, use up your scraps, make the most of your embellishments, and more.

The class kit includes great colors for summer or Thanksgiving and can even be a great Christmas gift…it’s not too early to prepare!!

Class starts June 10th. CLICK HERE to find out more and to sign up!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back from Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi, Mi.

I got the chance to work again in the booth for Advantus . What a great show! The Advantus booth always rocks and has the BEST deals. Sure there is a long line to reach the cash registers, but those who have been before know to grab a basket and shop as you move along the line.

We had the AMM Tote-ally Cool totes that are usually $34.99 on sale for $11.99...HELLO, can you say great deal??? And the Lisa & Becky Inspirational Wall transfers that retail for $29.99 on sale for $7.99...come on gals...if Advantus is coming to a Scrapbook Show near you, you've gotta check it out!!!!

The next show we will be at is the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington Texas June 5,6,and 7. Come look for me and get some great deals!