Thursday, April 3, 2008

I love it when I get a chance to make art!!!

Working on my online, i am lovin' how this is turning out! Of course I can't post a pix until I am all finished, but I love the colors I have chosen. I will give a little hint...I love using black in everything I do. No it is not all black or even black and white, but black sure sets off the colors...any color! Nuff said!

On the next art note...I am so ready to dive back into my altered book...I started it a few months ago and haven't had time to get into it more...want to teach a class on it so I need to get some paints and stuff in it! I also really want to make a fabric journal...or fabric book of some kind...I have been reading some of my more artsy idea books and the fabric is such a great texture to work with. I need to get out of the house and buy some quilt batting...but I get so stuck in my chair...let's just finish one thing and then we'll go on to the next, OK??? I can barely walk in my art studio as it need for more junk!!!

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