Friday, April 4, 2008

Here's what it looks like outside my front door...

This huge oak tree is right outside the front window where I have my art studio.

Did you know that you have to trim out some of the branches of an oak tree or some strong winds can actually knock it down, roots and all? At the bottom of our street that very thing happened last month. And we didn't have anything like a hurricane...the whole oak tree fell over and the roots came up out of the ground! It landed on a fairly busy street, too! It was an amazing thing to see. So make sure you trim up your oak trees so the wind can go through the branches or that may happen to you!!!


  1. Hi Shirley: I absolutely love photographing trees. I think they are so majestic & regal looking. It's true, I have many photos of trees.

  2. I love big 'ol water Oaks like that. There is one that I go look at on my father in laws land that has three forks coming up out of it. It is the HUGEST tree I've ever seen.


  3. What a beautiful tree, And that's interesting about having to take some of the branches out--I didn't know that.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on our blog. : )