Thursday, March 13, 2008

All about cardstock...

And now an answer to the question on everyone's mind!!!

What can I do with cardstock?

  • Matting – photos, titles, borders, diecuts or journaling boxes (once, twice or thrice)
  • Deco accents (squares, triangles, corners)
  • Paper Tearing
  • Chalk or ink torn edges. You can burn the edges for an authentic antique look but tearing and using brown ink or chalk to the edges can give the same look with less risk
  • Color Blocking
  • Paper Crumpling (Scrunch up the paper and flatten it out again. For variation, add chalk or ink to the cardstock while folded). Using different types of paper can create different looks
  • Casting or paper sculpture
  • Fold paper and then unfold. Repeat as desired for added dimension. You can then use chalks or inks and the fold lines take up the color
  • Distressed cardstock (use steel wool or sandpaper to “rough up” cardstock). You can also give diecuts an antique or weathered look with the same process
  • Paper Weaving
  • Run through a crimper
  • Dry Embossing
  • Stamp cardstock or use a brayer to make a background
  • Paper piecing (a great way to use up small scraps of cardstock)
  • Mosaic designs (tear or cut cardstock into small blocks to create a mosaic design to use as a border or photo mat)
  • Pleat it, ruffle it, braid it, or tie it in knots
  • Fringe it (partially put the card stock into a paper shredder)
  • Pin pricking
  • Quilling
  • Cutting – single and multiple level
  • Fold thin strips of paper to make flower petals, tree branches, fence posts, frames or borders

Many thanks to my friend, Beth Kingston for this great list!

Now, go create something!! :D


  1. The many reasons I LOVE paper*!*

    I DO need to brush up on some new ideas (I didn't recognize some of those!).

    YOur cards are awesome Lady*!*

  2. Hi Shirley - Thanks for the paper tips. What a great medium!!