Saturday, March 1, 2008

A walk in the yard

March 1, 2008. It is a leap year, so yesterday was February 29th. The 12th leap year since I was born.

The day has a slight breeze. Howard walks through the yard to enjoy the sights and smells. I join him to escape that I am doing. The dog is at my feet. She loves it when we are outside because she can really be a dog. Hunting for lizards or spying on the hawk that soars overhead.

The orange trees are blooming. You wouldn’t even notice except when you come nearer the tree you can smell the pungent scent of the blossoms. Then take another look and notice that the whole tree is filled with blooms. How did I miss that? The sight is inescapable. I run back to the house to get my camera. Now as my sight is primed for the tree and any movement, I see a bee, and more. One bee puts the whole front of his body in the flower. And there’s a wasp or two. I capture photos of this wondrous sight all the while the breeze blows the orange blossom scent through the air. Someone is practicing their saxophone and it sounds so smooth and mellow. I hear the sounds of the kids next door playing basketball. Next I spy a bumblebee. I love bumblebees! Their plump and fuzzy bodies…how do they get the energy to fly? I stand there under the tree snapping photos at will as I spot another bee in a flower. I have no fear of the stinging insects. My only thought is to immerse myself in the moment.

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  1. Beautiful pics*!*

    I love that smell too~we always roll the windows down this time of year when we drive to visit family in Ft Myers...yum yum yum!