Saturday, December 15, 2007

In the Christmas Spirit!!!

Had a long conversation with my mom yesterday about the food we will have on Christmas day at my parent's house. My BIL Leo always makes loads of Ziti(yes, he's Italian!!), there is salad and bread and other eats and always way too many Christmas cookies...but somehow they always get eaten!! :D You can always diet in January!!!

I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for my cookies. Seems like I end up making and icing the cookies by myself now that my boys are older...too cool for Christmas cookies??? I think not! I don't mind. I will have Bing Crosby, Glen Campbell and the Carpenters singing my favorite Christmas tunes as I sift and stir. My favorite Christmas carol is Glen Campbell singing "I'll be home for Christmas". Aaaaahhh...there's nothin' better.

Here's my finished (I think!) project with the "vintage" postcard. I added some glitter and a silky ribbon to hang it from and large old-looking silver beads dangling from the bottom.

Son #2 turns 17 on the 17th. He gets to choose is birthday dinner and he chooses lobster!!! Works for long as I don't have to cook! :D

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