Monday, October 1, 2007


I subscribe to just about every scrapbooking and artsy magazine known to man...OK, not really, but I bet I subscribe to more than you do!!! ;-) Anyway, I have this stash of stuff I really like. So, I tear it out(NOT out of an idea book or a special edition!!) and I have all these different piles. I decided to (finally) put it all in the binder I started about a year ago(!) and organize it. What a concept! I feel like I am spinning my wheels today anyway, so organizing it is!!

Oh, I am sooo not techie. I went to a site to create and upload a slideshow of many of my compupter lagged so much I had to restart and lost what had taken me about 2 hours to do(no lie). When I get it all figured out, I will hopefully have a really cool slideshow to post of my work.

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